Bed Bugs

Possibly one of the hardest pests to eradicate, we recommend that bed bugs are controlled by a professional.  Call AM-PM Pest Control for a free consultation on how to rid your house of this pest.

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How Do I Know If I’ve Got A Problem?

You’re unlikely to see this pest – the first signs may be unexplained bites on your body.  Although bed bugs are visible to the eye, they are liveliest when you are asleep due to the increased Carbon Dioxide in the room.  Due to their shape, they are excellent at hiding away.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

There is not much that can be done to prevent this bug from infesting your home – some people are just more prone than others.  Bed bugs are generally brought in from an outside source, ie hotel rooms, public transport, cloakrooms.

  • Make sure you check beds at these places before accepting the room.
  • Check your suitcase before packing and once again on your return – don’t store cases under the bed or around the bed area.

Other Information

Treatment must be strictly adhered to.  In extreme cases, bed, mattress, bedding and clothing may need to be disposed of.

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