Let’s face it, cockroaches are one of the most disgusting insects around. The stereotype about them surviving almost anything isn’t an exaggeration, it’s very true. So let the professionals at AM-PM Pest Control take care of the problem for you. Whether you have cockroaches in your home, shop or office, give us a call and ask about our cockroach inspections. If we find nothing, you pay nothing, but if we do, you’ll be all the more prepared with us at your back!

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How Do I Know If I’ve Got A Problem

The creatures prefer the dark so identifying a problem may be slow.  It is common for these pests to be initially spotted when turning on lights at night-time, especially in the kitchen.  Once you suspect infestation, the main hotspot to check is behind the fridge or anywhere that conducts heat, ie microwave, toaster.  Upon further investigation you might spot faeces on cupboard hinges, however these are more difficult to identify.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Cockroaches are usually transported from other infested areas, ie supermarkets, holiday resorts, although they can travel from nearby infested spots.

  • Don’t store suitcases under beds at hotels, and check before packing and unpacking.
  • Call in the experts if neighbours have mentioned infestations.

Other Information

The most common types of cockroaches found in the UK are the German Cockroach and The Oriental Cockroach. Cockroach extermination can take 3 to 4 visits.

Cockroaches reproduce very quickly – each egg case contains at least 30 babies – and they self-impregnate.  From baby to mature adult is about a month so early detection and treatment is essential.

The German Cockroach is small, dark tan and extremely fast, preferring warm/humid conditions to nest and breed in. This is why these roaches are usually found in or close to electrical appliances in the kitchen such as fridges, microwaves and ovens.

The Oriental Cockroach is black, large and will be found in damp, wet conditions, coming from or near drains. These are larger than the German roach and tend to be found more often on the ground.


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