Mice are everywhere and can be found all year round.  The issue is however when they start to share the same living space as you!   Calling out AM-PM Pest Control at the first sight of this tiny rodent should ensure fast control.

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How Do I Know If I’ve Got A Problem

You might notice a movement out of the corner of your eye, find something has been chewed that was left out overnight or hear noises from the loft like scratching.  The first step is to investigate yourself;  look behind plinths in the kitchen, especially under the sink, or behinds wardrobes etc.   You are looking for droppings – small in size, rice shaped and black.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Mice are commonly brought into a house by cats or they enter themselves via airbricks, pipe inlets or under floorboards.

  • Check your exterior and interior regularly for possible entry point. Fill gaps around pipes and repair any damaged airbricks.
  • Always keep food in sealed containers. Whilst mice can get food from many sources, giving access to food readily may encourage growth and reproduction.
  • Check storage containers regularly in the loft for signs of chewing.

Further Information

The most common mouse to be found in the house is the Common Brown Mouse as in the picture.  Alternatively there are Field Mice which are slightly bigger – however treatment for both are the same.