It’s no wonder this pest is known as a Tree Rat.  Pigeons can cause a variety of problems for you not to mention the health and safety problems caused by the fouling.

Maybe they are roosting under your solar panels or on your balcony, or maybe they gather on your guttering and fouling your patio.  At AM-PM Pest Control, we have a number of solutions to help with this feathery pest.

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How Do I Know If I’ve Got A Problem?

The biggest problem with pigeons roosting is the noise that they make – constant cooing and foot stomping.  This is obviously followed quite closely with the issues caused by an acidic content to their guano, bearing in mind that their diet is similar to a human diet.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Good maintenance of your property is obviously essential, but once pigeons have taken up residency they won’t move on by themselves.  The preventative measures that AM-PM Pest Control can provide are also the cure!  There is little to deter pigeons in the first instance.

Other Information

Pigeons are by far the biggest bird pest in the UK, however other species can cause similar problems, ie starlings.

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